A Very Subjective Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time List

Warning: Strong language 

I decided to take a break from looking at millions of numbers in the basketball data base to take on a more personal endeavor. I am here to rank my favorite 10 Hip-Hop songs of all time. It was a tough list! I had to leave off such classics like Arrested Development’s “Tennessee” and the always infectious “ATLiens” by Outkast. I even wanted to include some lesser knowns such as the artists Wax, ATL, and my dude, Immortal Technique. Ultimately, nostalgia probably played a large factor, but it is my list. Who cares?

To make the list I had only one requirement: Talent. So, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne (by himself), Ja Rule, Tyga, and Nelly obviously were disqualified by default.

Make a custom playlist and let the music flow.

#10 – Tupac – Hail Mary

I was young when this came out, but that didn’t stop me from loving the hell out of this song. The beat is straightforward and lends itself to Tupac just letting it fly. His cadence is perfect over the beat. Kastro and Young Noble come in right in the middle and just kill it. I have never felt the street life struggle, but this song made a young 7 year old me think I had. That is saying something.

#9 – Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

Oh shit! If you ever feel down and like you can’t make it through, then listen to this song. From rags to riches. The beat is even and old school 80’s throw back. Biggie shines with his patented aggressive approach to rapping, and the phrase “It was all a dream” is perhaps one of the more legendary lines in all of hip-hop.

#8 – T.I. – Rubberband Man

The beat and melody in this song are already catchy enough. Throw in one of the catchiest hip-hop choruses ever and T.I. claiming how he is wilder than the Taliban, and you really can’t go wrong. You can’t catch T.I., that shit just bounce right off him.

#7 – Three 6 Mafia – Body Parts

Probably one of my favorite beats of all time. This was before Three 6 made ridiculously stupid radio friendly rap. This is pretty much gangster rap. This song starts off hard and never really stops. This track actually makes it sound like they mean business! Maybe they did back then. Favorite line-“Hickory dickory dock as I pull out my glock n im ready to pop…BITCH!”

#6 – Del The Funky Homosapien – Catch All This

I had to give Del a spot in this list. The beat is insane. And Del has a trademark voice and style that you just cannot forget. He goes off on this track. While most people rap about women or drugs, he is an awesome throwback to being braggadocios using metaphors and ridiculously awesome rhymes. I dare you to listen to this and not want to listen to it on repeat.

#5 – Clipse – Grindin

I really wanted to rank this higher. Seriously, one of the best beats in any genre…ever. Also, you have Pharrell back when he was on everyone’s album before he was really that famous, you have two dudes going off on the track talking about playground basketball and drug dealing, and then you have the chorus. The chorus is THE epitome of what a hip-hop chorus should be. If you can listen to the chorus without nodding your head, well you were probably decapitated by Three 6 Mafia a few songs earlier.

#4 – NWA – Straight Outta Compton

Before Ice Cube was making kids movies and Dr. Dre was selling high definition headphones, they were singing about gang banging in California. This song is undeniable. One of the earliest gangster rap tracks, and they kill it. Ice Cube sounds like he could probably kick your ass…if he weren’t busy filing Coors Light commercials. Best line almost ever? “Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube, from the gang called Niggaz With Attitudes.” Yeah, you know what is coming when you hear that iconic line.

#3 – TRU – I Always Feel Like

Master P had his hands in a lot of things back in the day. NONE, and I repeat, NONE were better than TRU. Using a hook from a terrible 80’s song, they turn this into an absolute gem and monumental song in hip-hop. The beat is perfectly set, Master P, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder, and Mia-X paint a perfect picture of selling drugs and doing general gangster shit. Seriously, one listen will make you want to jump right into the dope gang. Well, if somebody wasn’t always watching you.

#2 – Grandmaster Flash – White Lines

I don’t even need to write one damn thing. The bass line, cocaine, the electro beats, and the brass make this simply one of the best songs ever, in any genre. If you don’t agree, well you are probably a Drake fan.

#1 – Cash Money Millionaires – Project Bitch

Lets just set aside for one second that this is THE greatest beat and melody ever laid down in a hip-hop track. Lets look at some highlights of each MC.

Mannie Fresh – “To the ladies havin babies without no drama, to my niggas with figgas say I love my baby momma.”

Lil Wayne – When I come through in a Rolls Royce, leave them with no choice but to hop up in it an just let me make they throat moist.”

Baby – I got a credit card hoe, a scam type hoe, a fraud type hoe
Like to snort that dope, a dick suckin pro
A calico hoe, a real solid bitch out Chicago
I got a (Brat) type bitch like to whine an shit
I got a project bitch like to start some shit”

And of course, Juvenile doing his thing – “My momma send me by my grandma, my grandma flipped out an said we ain’t gone have no evil in this house.”

Pure poetry gold.

So. Agree? Disagree? Who is in your top 10?


  1. I remember everyone used to try to emulate the beat from the song Grindin’… no lunchroom table was ever safe from the knuckles of a middle school boy trying to impress his friends and impress girls.

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