Ditch Your Honeymoon?

Recently, College Humor made an hilarious video about the mythical tradition of engagement rings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5kWu1ifBGU).  Similarly, since this is the height wedding season, I wanted to focus on the necessity of honeymoons.

As the median student loan balance for a recent graduate approaches $30,000, it really does make you wonder if newly married couples can even afford to go on an expensive honeymoon.  Although weddings are very expensive as well, parents on average still do take on a vast load of that monetary workload; however, the honeymoon is usually left up to the couple (usually the groom).

Given the large student loan debt (or other accrued debts like car loans), should couples still go on expensive honeymoons right after they get married?  Or should there be a grace period for the honeymoon?

And if you are married, what did you do in this situation?


  1. We went to Belize before we realize that our debt was a problem. I really wouldn’t have traded the time we spent together, especially since we were entering into a long distance marriage. But in all honestly we could have gone anywhere and still had the same bonding time. Maybe save the passport worthy trip for a debt free celebration.

  2. I think the first misconception is that parents still assume a large responsibility for the wedding (typically the bride’s portion). Many couples are charged with going into debt to pay for a wedding AND a honeymoon. But there are several options for honeymoons (and weddings) that don’t have to break the bank – as long as the couple is open to being creative.

  3. This is a great question to pose, as I’m soon looking into a wedding + honeymoon. Thankfully my fiance has no student debt, and I’ve got a payment plan going for mine, plus a higher-paying job lined up. We’re thinking of asking our parents to each set aside $50 a month to help us out, and we’ll set aside an amount as well. We definitely don’t want to skip on either one, though they may just have to be smaller-scale to be more affordable. ^^;

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