The Case Against Visiting Meemaw’s Church for Easter

Look, we get it.  For decades, meemaw—or whatever we call our grandmother—has been who we visit on Easter weekend.  We’ve done this for so long that it’s become a tradition.  Some traditions are meant to be broken though, and this is one of those traditions.

No one is going as far as saying not visit meemaw at all.  That would be harsh.  We love meemaw, and meemaw loves us.  We do, however, need to avoid visiting meemaw’s church for Easter service or Resurrection service.

With 82 percent of Alabamians believing in God with absolute certainty (though not necessarily in a church), it’s imperative for us to participate in God’s instructions for us: “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Well, last we checked, meemaw’s church out in the rural countryside was not the most diverse sitting in the world, and it’s definitely not inviting to people from all nations of the world.  And if we’re honest, meemaw’s church isn’t even inviting to every person in Alabama.

With 56 percent of American adults saying they’d accept information about a local church from a friend or neighbor,  regular local churchgoers can’t waste this time of the year going to meemaw’s church.

Easter season is the most fertile opportunity for newcomers to visit a local church, and those newcomers will have a very bad taste in their mouths if they visit church and don’t see any familiar faces.  Those newcomers may not trust an invitation ever again after they have been left behind in favor of meemaw’s church.

So how can Christians visit meemaw out in the country and be present for their friends and neighbors in the city? A little elbow grease and a good calendar will do the trick.  The two main tips are below:

Attend Regular Church for Easter Service

Keep your normal routine for Easter Sunday.  This way if friends and neighbors have been invited, they will be comforted by seeing your familiar face in the crowd.  No one enjoys going to a brand new place with brand new people without a little support.

Drive Out to Meemaw’s After Church

Be careful.  Don’t just jet out of church as soon as service is over.  Take your friends and neighbors out for lunch.  Their comfort is the most important thing this weekend, not yours.  And relax.  Meemaw will still be happy to see you after lunch.  In fact, she will probably have a second lunch plate ready and prepared for your arrival.  Sounds like a win-win.

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  1. Here’s a couple thoughts.

    Meemaw’s little country church is a bedrock of our society. If it disappears, our society will be worse off. Perhaps I’m waxing nostalgic, and maybe other churches will take its place in a way that is relevant and impactful, but by way of analogy there is a value to getting back to the Earth and the things those of us who grew up in the country took for granted back then. This need to return to nature is readily seen in the move back to whole foods, organic (which is a marketing term), free-range meats, etc. Spiritually I think there is in keeping connections with the little brown church in the wildwood. Just something to consider.

    Second, more importantly, evangelism is supposed to be an “as you go” effort, not a “come here” exercise in getting people to the latest, greatest spiritual multiplex with live bands, professional worship teams, charismatic speakers,and such all encased in a modern climate controlled building with immaculately landscaped grounds. As you go… putting your arm around a friend (neighbor) who needs consolation and comfort after some great loss or trial they encounter… that’s where true evangelism happens more than getting people out to a once a year Easter extravaganza…

    Not picking on you, just on things I see out there these days.

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